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finish the renovation of the school garden so the children can grow things

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path - finished & planting day has happened

Two parents have built a beautiful path. We had a planting day, so families could come & plant shrubs and bulbs, so the garden now has fruit trees, shrubs, spring bulbs and fruit bushes. Starting to look like a garden at last. Just a few more tasks to do.

Raised beds are in & plants bought

Things are steadily progressing ! The money from the current funder is spent & the report describing what we’ve done is being written.
The raised beds have gone in & been seeded with green manure for the winter.

Have also been able to run the first session in the garden with the children planting spring bulbs. The main shrubs and trees have also been bought in the sales at some local garden centres. We plan to have a family planting day in a couple of weeks time. It finally feels like it is all coming together a bit more !

all the ordering of materials is now done

The children’s tools and more materials will be arriving soon and the money is sorted out at last. The children are very excited about the garden being ready soon – they don’t seem to mind too much that winter is coming ! they just want to help dig …

this weekend hopefully the rest of the raised beds will be installed.

spreadsheet budget nightmares

Just been trying to work out how much, is actually left in the budget pot. The school office is telling me we have more than I thought, which is nice. Hope they’re right !
However the money has to be spent by the end of the month or it goes back :-(

slow but good progress this weekend

half the path has now been finished beautifully by two amazingly generous parents. Also one of the raised beds is now in. Not a bad effort with only three people turning up. I am finally starting to belive we may get it finished this time !

rounding people up to help at the weekend

sounds like some progress may get made this weekend, as a few people are coming along to help. Has been really hard organising, still need to make sure everyone knows what they can help with, hopefully a couple of raised beds will go in and the rest of the rubbish will go. Still need to get people with skills to get the treestumps out and the path surfaced the weekend after.

so hard to find people to come and help

we need to get the project finished this month, otherwise the funders will want their money back. the project ground to a halt because people were too busy to give their time, and even now we are really struggling to get people to come and help finish it. not sure what to do :-(

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