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Health: Lose Weight

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I'm back

I have been very bad at updating this site but I am going to try and be more organised from now on!
Since my last update I have joined WW and lost 9lbs, I’m getting weighed again tomorrow though I’m due my period any day now and I’m rather bloated so I don’t think I’m going to have lost much if any :(

I’ve also started going to the gym, which is hard work as I’m very unfit but hopefully it’s helping :)

1st entry

This week I appear to have lost 2/3lbs, it’s the first time in months I have actually lost any weight as I’ve not been trying at all and over the past few months I’ve been overeating quite a bit.
I started citalopram a week ago today and it’s helping to supress my appetite, I’m hoping that with this and long walks over the summer I can loose 4 stone.

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