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improve my professional network


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going pretty well

Well, this has been going particularly well lately. At work I’ve really been reaching out and getting some exposure. I also got some help yesterday in looking into professional networking groups and some training.

The problem I’m having now is that I’m starting to feel intimidated, so my instinct is to back off…my confidence takes a hit too.

so far so good

Class has been a great success so far. I went into my first class with an open mind and no anxiety. I introduced myself to the person sitting next to me and we had a nice conversation. I then recognized the name of someone else in the class and went over to introduce myself after the break – I love small world coincidences! I’m also part of a group that’s working on a project together – it’s been very interesting hearing their perspectives on the kind of work we do.


I start a class next week that is relevant to my field. It sounds like there will be a lot of local professionals taking the class. My sub-goal is to create at least two solid, professional relationships during the course of that class. I’m looking forward to the challenge!!


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