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I took a Bikram yoga class today to strengthen my flexibility. After ninety minutes of hundred-four degree heat, I can really feel the difference.


In an effort to jump start things, I started taking pilates. I really need to open up my hamstrings.

Day One

I’m challenging myself to complete this goal. It’s not going to be easy. I tried some deep lunge stretches and it wasn’t pretty. My aim is to stretch thirty minutes twice a day.


I didn’t complete this goal by my deadline. It has only made me more determined to do this.


Did some basic stretching today. I’m fearful I will not meet my deadline of August 27th.


My deadline is approaching. I need to step it up and stretch twice a day.


I just tried the leg stretcher for the first time. I had some discomfort in my right leg just above the inside of my knee. I’m hoping to do another stretching session tonight for other fifteen minutes.


I borrowed a leg stretcher from a friend. Hopefully this will aid in my progress.


I’m been slacking on this goal. Since my bunion surgery I have been making excuses for why I have not been stretching.


I’m seeing a small difference. My hamstrings are very tight. I start my stretches by extending my legs straight out and trying to touch my head to my knees. Next, I use a chair and lean my forearms on the seat and slide my feet out to the sides.

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