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be present in the moment instead of live for the future

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failing at this



I’m taking more and more moments to pause and be in the moment instead of desperately hope I was somewhere in the future.

getting better and better

Started meditating again and I’m finding I can do this for longer periods of time now. Kind of surprised. Now I just need to change jobs so that I can be present in the moment in a a better place.

I've been more present this last year than I ever have...

Can’t say this goal is completed yet, but close. Adopting a daughter and having that person live with you forces you to be in the moment…

walked and jogged a 5k today

I thought only about how my body felt, my breath – or lack of it- where I was supposed to go, the dogs that barked at me, the wind and my surroundings. Very proud of myself.

on the drive today

I made a conscious effort to appreciate the trees and the fog,the farms, the birds as I went to my meeting. I felt great. I’m going to continue to remember to stop and just be. I will stop trying to manage the future and be in the now.

being present

I’m actually doing much better at this than ever before. My boyfriend made me a mala and I go through the beads saying what I’m grateful for. Now I notice when things happen and I appreciate them as they’re happening.

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