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Daily: Reflect on 5 things for which I'm grateful.

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grateful again n again

i am grateful with all my heart for:

1.that my lover is doing great work in foreign country.i’m grateful that he is waiting for me to come.i feel warm inside just knowing that he is simply ok.

2.weight loss.finally i’m doing it..my body is a miracle.

3.water.it is just my inner knowing,but i feel that it is most powerful force in the universe..should i explain better?WATER…~~ seas,Oceans,rain,8 glasses of water everyday..smelly shower every morning ..warm bath sometimes..water.!

4.creativity.i’m full of it again.

5.positive people online.inspiring people in the world,wayshowers,lightworkers,indigos,crystals, loving people,simple people..i’m blessed with every individual i meet in my existence.

6..i am so grateful for this beautiful autumn in our country!!!!!i love autumn.it is my favourite season;)


Oct 10,2011

2)Warm nest and comprehension of my helpmate
4)Autumnal sun and poetry in my mind
5)LOVE everywhere and in everyone

July 26,2011

I am grateful for:
1.Getting in shape
2.Improving my painting skills day by day
3.Being productive
4.Going back to veganism and ecocreative mind
5.Archangel Michael and all the LIGHTBEINGS for staying with me..

July 3,2011

i am grateful for:
finding new sympathy
one of the greatest dub n jungle openair in my whole life (FIRE)
lovely and supportive friends
strawberries and thymes
my dearest little sister

June 6,2011

i am grateful for:

1)Having my own art studio
2)Summer evenings and a beautiful view through my window
5)Letting go

June 2,2011

i am grateful for:
1.rejoicing with lots of inspirational people in the party(it was yesterday and i am full of good emotions)
2.lovely new friends
3.best days of my twentysomething:>
4.riding a bicycle
5.for my new apartment which is very canny and full of good energies

May 20, 2011

I am grateful for:
1.Crazy adventure with a stranger
2.Balm Tea
3.Being free from my ed
4.My lovely oldschool bicycle
5.Archangel Michael..i can feel that you’re always here for me.With all my heart.Thank You.

+ a postcard i made for my cousins First Communion.

May 18, 2011

I am grateful for :

1.My few friends who are very supportive and loving
2.My sense of colours
3.For “Beautiful losers” and street artists who inspired me for seeking more providence
4.Healing myself
5.Starseeds and Lightworkers.i love you all for helping me to find PEACE

2011 march 3 (more than 5 ;))

i’m so grateful for everything in my life:
for this foggy night with no stars at all(let them recreate)
for every mistake i did (now i call them lessons)
for inspiring and talented people around me
for my dear friends and our sick/funny adventures
for being alone but not lonely
for a cup of warm cacao with soy milk
for cyberfeminists
for agent Dale Cooper and other creatures by David Lynch(man,you’re my hero)
for myself.for not giving up in struggle with ed
for great poetry and candles


im grateful for:
falling in love again
drawing with joy and passion
fighting for my happiness
amazing quotations in my old remembrance notebook

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