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Today I took home some fantastic leftovers from the Chinese restaurant with my Dad & others ($10). So I put some of it into a lunch container for tomorrow. I also received some soups (yay!) ($10) and cleaned out the coffee press so that I can use it in the morning ($2). Didn’t buy any drinks last night ($15). Baked my own breakfast & snacks yesterday ($4). Went out & was social but didn’t buy anything! ($4)

A few small things

- tracked expenditures from the past week
- budgeted for the next few weeks
- wrote down a grocery list with items listed by store
- brought my lunch to work (every time)
- mostly resisted coffee & spontaneous food


Saw K, and didn’t feel the need to make a big night of it. Healthier and a few dollars richer as a result, and left the gang while I was still having fun. :)


Made a new challenge for myself: I can only buy one “alone” coffees per week (Sunday-Saturday), not including scheduled get-togethers and private lessons. Also only buy alcohol ‘out’ once a week at most.

Last week, this was on Friday. This week, unfortunately, this happened already with my killing-time coffee before the shop opened yesterday, but it was quite lovely since I got some good reading in at the same time.

If I don’t feel like going home to do whatever sedate activity I could probabaly do just as well there as in a coffee shop, it’s probably because I’m dreading the mess and should clean it up!


- bought very practical, more timeless items with the help of my giftcard
- made a bit more food today
- plan not to drink very much tonight
- filled my water bottle
- about to grind coffee for tomorrow
- bought the least expensive frames & pic holders
- got earring fixer thingies


- brought my lunch and coffee thermos all week, only spent $1.25 on coffee all week!
- planned my weekend cooking (cookies, soup, granola, quail, salad, egg salad, tuna salad)
- did my grocery shopping with a list
- went out for coffee instead of beer last night, spent $5 instead of $10-15ish
- paid off my credit card purchase on the same day, plus a bit more
- started to plan more regular food swap with roommate
- went halfsies of some food with roommate

Jan 10th, 2012

Brought my lunch today and yesterday, along with coffee. Didn’t spend any money on Saturday or Monday (just groceries on Sunday).

Unfortunately, a trip to the drug store turned out to be a lot bigger than it really needed to be. Damn drugstore impulse buys!


So far this weekend…

- Immediately paid off yesterday’s credit card donation
- Did lots of veggie chopping to make meal prep easier
- made my lunches for (most of) the next week
- Started planning my meals…

- chicken, beer bread, cookies

- granola, orange, yogurt
- leftover chicken & sweet potatoes, cookies
- veggies & hummus
- soup & beer bread

- granola, orange, yogurt
- tuna sandwich, cookies, leftover veggies
- ants on a log, apple
- egg white omelet with toasted beer bread

- Granola, banana, yogurt
- tuna sandwich, cookies
- apple, ants on a log
- soup with beer bread

- granola, banana, yogurt
- tuna sandwich, cookies, apple
- ants on a log
- pesto, tuna & leftover veggie pasta

- cookies, apple
- curry soup in can
- quail! (find recipe)

- make chicken soup


- had a big breakfast
- brought coffee with me in a thermos=hot coffee all day
- brought a lunch too

Jan 2nd 2012

- Cleaned out the fridge and freed up a LOT of tupperware, which means it’ll be that much easier to store leftovers and bring a lunch.

- made my lunch for tomorrow!

- did (and doing) as much as possible to prepare for tomorrow, which means easier, time for breakfast, no taxi, bus, or bought coffee

- only bought a half litre tonight, because, really

- made TONS of granola! breakfast!!

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