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Wow! Cool!

I got nominated in the Best Business Blog category for the Black Weblog Awards. I don’t write about “black people things” just “people things” – but the blogs just need to either be by or about black people. So, I fit the “by” category! I was pretty surprised to get nominated. I found out when I was checking my blog stats and people were clicking to my site from the nomination list. Crazy! So, that’s pretty neat if I do say so myself.

Yay! You too can vote for One Organized Life for Best Business Blog for the 2008 BWAs

Doing well

I’ve written a couple of (what I think are) really good posts that I’ll be publishing soon. Also, a few people have stopped by the blog and commented to me that they really enjoy it. So, that’s encouraging.

Working hard at it!

I’m putting a lot of effort into my newest blog, One Organized Life ( May and June went really well. I came up with a good cross section of topics and had a couple of posts per week. My goals are to provide great content, and increase readership. I’m not even sure I have any readers right now, so that’s definitely something I will hope to change.

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