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Still only managing about 4 hours

Still waking between 2am-3am and unable to drop off again. So annoying. This week will try warm bath b4 bed each night.

Still struggling with this one

Need to figure out an easy way to stop altogether – will ponder this one …

Fell off wagon

Oops need to clamber back on. And stop buying it in the first place.

No vodka

No vodka since last thurs and gave slept better and woken up fresher each morning since. Need to stay off it for good.

Sleeping better

Have slept every night since breaking up for summer – that says it all – time to change jobs …

No alcohol = sleep. Result!

Have slept every single night since binning the alcohol. Go figure.

Bloody cough

Cough kept me awAke most of last night. When alarm went off I was in such a lovely sleep. Looking fwd to bedtime tonight

Doing well

Slept well last night. Even went to loo at 3 then went back to sleep. Hypnosis working and thinking positive instead of worrying too.

Up all night again

Need to sort out my dreadful sleep patterns. Slept less than 3 hours last night. Wake up unable to get back to sleep. Hopefully my other life changes will sort this out. Will carry on with hypnosis audio stuff and try and maintain a bedtime routine.

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