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Learn Portuguese

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a lingua mais bonita no mundo (na minha opiniao)

Once you get the verbs and the grammar down, it’s not as hard as it seems! You’ve just got to integrate yourself in the language. Go to the country! Portugal, Brazil, Mozambique, Macau (in China), Sao Tome and Principe, Angola, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, East Timor…

The pronounciation can be tough because they tend to swallow the end of their words, but it just adds to what makes the language unique. Listen to music in Portuguese.
Like Fado? Mariza, Ana Moura
Punk? Xutos e Pontapes
Pop? Sara Tavares (Brazilian), Cla

okay, so these are only a few… but dive in!

be a foreign exchange student!

<3 make the world grow <3


qualifies a person to say they speak a second language?

I’ve been living here in Portugal now for almost 6 months, and I could definitely say I could live my life in Portuguese, but how do you know when you can say, “I’m bilingual” – there are always new words to learn…!
I dunno lol, I’m just curious… if I can call myself bilingual, mas provavelmente, eu não posso.
I may be jumping the gun a bit.

quase! (acho eu)

Eu acho que estou quase a perceber tudo que eu ouço! Esta lingua não é facil, porque há muito mais mudanças que em Inglês. Os verbos confusos!!!

Listening to Portuguese music is helping a lot for me trying to learn. If you’re trying to learn European Portuguese, listen to Clã (soft-rock)(the best song by her is Problema de Expressão), Pedro Abrunhosa (sings really slowly, so it’s good), or Jose Cid (a bit older)(plus the Portuguese will get a kick out of it if you know “Vinte Anos” lol).
Seriously, listen to music in the language you want to learn! You have to do this because it helps you pick up phrases and how they put sentences together (songs are usually pretty simply written).


I am here! I have been here only 1 month and I can already understand VERY basic things!! 8 more months to go!
Go to Portugal if you want to learn Portuguese!
Or Brazil, if you want to learn Brazilian Portuguese, but it’s easier to go from learning European to Brazilian, as so I hear.
Words in translation dictionaries aren’t always right, or the current way to say something. I realized that when I came here, and half of the things I studied out of dictionaries were useless.

AFS foreign exchange

My visa has been approved! And I found out that my host family lives in Lisbon the capital!! I am so excited… I just hope I am prepared enough.. still though…eu terei pedir a minha familia hospedeiro repetir para eu perceber melhor….... did i make that sentence right?

well, aah I will be keeping a blog ..maybe picture blog of my 10 month stay….. u can ask me if you would like to know the url…..

Portuguese is so beautiful…
and if you know it… you have an easier time learning spanish :)


so it’s almost certain for next year!! i am so excited… and i was really surprised when i heard that most people in portugal have cellphones.. i didn’t know what to expect.. but thats awesome… does anyone know how popular ipods or digital cameras are in portugal?

foreign exchange

Hopefully next year, I’m going to go to Portugal for my junior year of highschool on forein exchange with AFS. I have been studying a little bit, but I really want to be able to have the conversational basics down by the time I go… Anyone willing to chat on AIM a little or something to help at least with the writing basics?

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