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Beat my depression

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one more chances

okay i made an appointment w/ my psychologist
last time i saw him he told me i need to rethink my major n find out what i want from life n stop drinking ..( i can’t even think abt doing either) i never went back to him (a month? ) shhould be interesting what he says ….

can’t wait ..

good luck everyone


its the down season again .. im soo depressed..
don’t understand this world ….... life is pointless


i went to see the school ” psychologist ” abt suffering from depression for the past 6/7 years .. he told me to stop drinking so much .. i told him i need it to repress my issues, 1f we work them out, i can stop drinking otherwise i will just turn to someother outlet to suppress my depression/mental problems… i don’t think he understands that if i sstop drinking ( which isn’t that much) i will end killing myself just to SHUT MYSELF UP… .ehh .. such a waste of time it was .. i might see him on friday.. i am easily amused by people’s POV on me … idk .. im soo confused .. IM TURNING INTO AN ANTI-SOCIAL FREAK .. i don’t want to talk to anyone .. its like im shutting the world away n living in my own head .. i don’t know … i guess i need help .. but … i love where i am but i know its not healthy

yeaa i dont' think i made much SENSE .. ehhh

when will it be over

i don’t understand why im soo depressed, all this time i thought somehow i will wake up one morning and everything will be fine! since that has yet to happen .. i don’t know wat to do ..i recently turned 21 ..i don’t want to live like this anymore .. how do you overcome depression?? it is taking over my life
:-( ..

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