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get a concealed carry permit

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concealed carry permit

I have a few guns, but I still have not purchased a good concealed carry pistol. By no means do I have wimpy hands (I work with my hands all the time and almost have the hands of a pastry chef), but I have found that a Glock is just a bit cumbersome for my hands. Maybe I just need more practice with loading one.

concealed carry

oooo, now i just have to wait 30 days or less! i returned a short while ago from the sheriff’s office. a minnesota concealed carry permit costs $100! with all the hard work i had to put into it, they really should have paid me.

concealed carry

i just earned a certificate for a firearms safety & advanced carry firearms training course! now i can apply for a concealed carry permit. even if people never get a concealed carry permit, i would recommend a class like this to everyone. very informative.

concealed carry

i just registered for this course. it is going to take place in november, and they will give me everything i need for a concealed carry permit. i will be armed when the zombies come.

concealed carry

i just found a number to call. now i need to figure out my schedule for the next few weeks and sign up.

concealed carry

i just want to make sure that i am armed when the zombies attack.

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