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I’ve worked out four times this week already, and I’m going to tomorrow!


I worked out once this week so far. Things have been crazy. I am planning on working out tomorrow and Saturday as well, and that will be my three. Next week, I’ll do a better job.
my entries are pretty redundant. haha

goood job

I worked out four times this past week.
This week I’m planning on working out five times. So hopefully I can do that. We’ll see! hoorah.


I worked out this morning!
elipitical for an hour.
I almost didn’t go again. my problem is that I don’t get up right away and I end up falling back asleep, and then when I wake up it’s like 25 minutes later and I feel like it’s too late.
What I’m realizing though, is that I can go even if I am a little late. I don’t have to have an hour and a half work out. I can work out for 45 minutes if I have to, and it’s better than nothing!


So I almost didn’t work out this morning. I woke up at 4:40 and I was feelin okay and was going to get up then I fell asleep and didn’t wake up until like 5:05. So I debated for awhile whether it was still worth it to go, and then my friend Ariel texted me and asked if I was going so then that actually motivated me to get up because I knew she would be there. I got a 45 minute swim in which was good, I guess. I’m planning on going tomorrow morning too. I hope I do! haha.


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