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buy a new laptop


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I ordered a laptop from dell today. It’s yellow and pretty customized, and it cost around $875. I’ll post an entry when I get it. Hopefully it turns out well.

Online Classes

I started taking online classes toward a degree in hospitality in January. I was/am really thrilled about going back to school, regardless of whether or not it’s online. However, I need my own computer, and one that travels well.

Currently I’m using my girlfriend’s mother’s laptop, which is dying as the days pass, and I worry about whether or not I’ll get my computer. I took out a loan, and I should find out in the next couple of weeks whether or not I will get it. If I get the loan, I’ll be buying a laptop from dell. I really want to indulge myself and get a Macbook Pro, but I can’t quite afford it right now. D:

I guess I’ll wait and see on the loan. Hopefully this gets completed soon, considering the dwindling life-span of the one I am using now.


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