Naamiee in Toronto is doing 42 things including…

learn to play the synthesizer


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Naamiee has written 1 entry about this goal

No Longer With the Band!

I was a classically trained pianist and I’ve always wanted to make music. I dreamed of conducting orchestras, being in a rock band, being in a jazz band, being in an orchestra, accompanying famous singers. Well, that dream has fallen through and I’ve gone on to love dance music.

In this age of narcissistic technology where albums and singles are recorded, remixed and produced in the bedroom, where pop stars are discovered on youtube, who needs a studio? In fact, who needs anyone else’s permission to create music (may I please join your orchestra, sir?) when you have everything at your fingertips in the form of a synthesizer?

That is why I will endeavour to a)save up to buy a synthesizer b)buy the thing c)learn it through and through d)create sound


I want to:
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