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Have ordered books that should help

Got onto the Amazon website yesterday – went a little crazy – ordered some books I’ve been longing to read about Edgar Cayce and his health recommendations, angels, etc. and a book by some chick I saw on Oprah who is into vegan/vegetarianism (I forget her name). Can’t wait to read them!! Oh ya – had sushi last night (maki actually).

pasta with Yves italian spiced tofu meat alternative

Very good. Used the Smart pasta. Quick and tasty.

enchilada experiment

Made a type of tortilla dinner last night using refried beans, corn and cheese on whole wheat tortillas. Covered the rolled tortillas in salsa mixed with plain yogurt and topped with more cheese – pretty good. Would probably use sauteed peppers and onions to the filling next time.

Tofu tonight

My youngest daughter has been vegetarian for about a year now. She will occasionally eat chicken, so I guess she’s called something else, but anyways this has forced me to start experimenting with new recipes and meat alternatives. Tonight I marinated firm tofu, cubed, in a tinned curry mix and then cooked it with a tin of cocanut milk, brown rice, peas and frozen cauliflower and some almonds. I added a little extra water for the rice and I must say it was very nice. I’ll be eating tofu again!!

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