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I was doing incredibly well

with hanging out with friends, but now my parents are cracking down. I can’t do anything on the weekends until I’ve finished all my homework. That means all of it. I guess it makes sense, until I want to do something friday with a completely free saturday. Also, my school is like a university for high schoolers, so I have a bunch of homework (right now we’re reading a Tale of Two Cities in English, so I have to read 40 pages tonight). I’m sorry; rereading my entry, I look like a whiney little brat, but I just had to vent…

School starting up again...

On Monday. I guess that’s good because I’ve been pretty sedentary. I’ve hung out with a couple friends since my last post, but not much else. My church really helps with this too, and we’re having a youth kickoff on sunday!! I can’t wait!!

Going places!!

Finally I’ve got a full weekend!! First I’m going to a sleepover, and then like an hour after that (tomorrow) I get to go to Starbuks with a friend. On Sunday I have church, and on Monday (which isn’t the weekend, but I’m still excited) one of my best friends is getting back from New York and we’re going shopping and getting ournails done. I haven’t met anyone new in the process of anticipating these events, but I’m getting less introverted. I have to make more contact with current friends before I meet new ones!!

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