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be in a band

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Getting closer, perhaps

I know a lot more musicians now, and I’ve feel like I’ve “come out” as a musician this week. One of my new friends is starting a band with his friend, and they may need a rythym guitarist (me!!), so I’m excited to see where this takes me.


Ok…I went to a music club meeting this afternoon. In a nutshell: TOO MUCH TESTOSTERONE!! In one corner, there were the metalhead rockers. Surrounding them were band guys. Then there was me. It wasn’t horrible, but I guess musicians aren’t my kind of people… even if I’m one of them… Does that make sense? I don’t know who my people are. Do I even have a “people”? I have a few best friends in different areas, but I don’t really have a niche.
wow… That got off topic…


Well I’m technically in one, but it’s a recreational band at my church. I’d really like to be in a band that gets gigs and practices other than Sundays. Still, I’m really excited for practice to start up tomorrow!!


First I have to meet other musicians…

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