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Hehe this one isn't going too well

I haven’t written in a looong time!! But today it was when this girl asked me to play my guitar in class because it was the last day and we weren’t really doing anything, so I did. Why not?
As the song ended, everyone told me that I was really good and that they didn’t know I could play. This one guy who plays guitar as well, probably for longer than me, seemed really impressed. That just made my day!!


So I was at church like I always am on Sundays, and there was this guy who I’ve known for a while who was sitting off to the side away from everything. I had a hunch that something was on his mind, so I went over to see if he’d tell me. I sauntered over and asked if he wanted company, and he replied with a nonchalant “I don’t care,” so I assumed I should stay. Only seconds later did he spill the details of his problem to my willing ears. It wasn’t tragic, only something about his girlfriend which shouldn’t be a problem if she really cares for him. I don’t think he’s had a history of being treated right and is now plagued with a low self-esteem. Now I know at least one place where i can make a difference.

4/11/07 - Called

I feel called to do something, but I don’t know what. I feel like I should start changing lives, but I don’t know how. Even when I look, nothing comes to mind. I think I need to change something in my school, but I draw a blank.
One of my counselors at youth tonight told us a story. When she was driving on a highway, she saw a man holding a sign that said “will work for food.” Not knowing if he was dangerous, she was going to drive calmly away, but her kids asked her “Are you just going to drive by? Can’t you do anything about it?” Thier concern for the man they did not know made her realize that she could do something for the man. They went to a nearby supermarket and bought him some bread and peanut butter. When they drove back to give it to him, he was so touched. I cannot even fathom how much that 7$ out of their pocket and half hour of their time could have impacted him.

It makes me think I can do stuff like this too… I know thigs are set in front of me every day that I’m too scared or to which I’m too oblivious to act out like that. These little stories are coming up a lot lately, and I feel like it’s being drilled into me that I need to start doing something.

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