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see the Sabres win the Stanley Cup

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buffalosnowangel has written 5 entries about this goal

Starting to wonder if this will ever happen.

I didn’t expect it to be this year. To be honest, we’re not a Stanley Cup contending team; but I’m sitting here watching us roll over and completely give Philadelphia the series, and I’m wondering if I’ll live long enough to see this ever happen.

I love Buffalo, and I love the Sabres…but tonight was just pathetic. As usual, when we’re in a clutch, do-or-die situation, we shut down completely.

We sucked the first half of the season, yet since January we’ve had the BEST record. All that work, clawing our way back up from 30th in the league, to not give two shits now?

I would have been okay with a loss if we played our hearts out, and just happened to lose. But we didn’t.

We didn’t showed up to win.
We didn’t show up to lose.

We didn’t show up at all.

Tonight, the Sabres were nothing more than an absolute embarrassment to a wonderful city.

Looking back, I wish they would have been swept. It would have hurt less than having them get our hopes up just to rip our hearts out in the end.

This team doesn’t deserve the incredible fans that they have. They don’t give a crap about us, why do we care about them?

Right now, they can go to hell.

I hope they firesale most of the team. Something needs to change. We’ve had the exact same problems for years now, with no changes. (no defense, no power play, and a joke of a second period.) I love Lindy Ruff, but he’s not doing his job…none of the coaches are. There’s no excuse for not correcting blatant, repeated mistakes. I’m sorry, there just isn’t. If you don’t do your job, you get fired…no matter how much people like you.

For now, all I can ask is that Washington breaks Briere’s legs (or face, or any other part… I’m not picky) and sends Philly crying to their mommies like Buffalo could, and should, have done.

I could cry.

I just may.

Well, we made the playoffs

We managed to squeak this one out somehow.
Although, personally I think it’s ridiculous that it had to come down to the last two games. Come on Buffalo.

Yet, I can’t help but catch a little bit of Cup fever. Even though the odds are completely against us, how great would it be to, at least, make it to the finals?!

New Owner-Terry Pegula

Holy cow…someone bought out our team today. His name is Terry Pegula and everyone in Buffalo is acting like this is Jesus’ second coming. Seriously…some people want to marry him.

Don’t get me wrong, we desperately need a shake up. We needed a new owner, and he’s promising a lot of big things. However, I can’t help but be skeptical. Let’s face it…he’s a ‘politician’ just like all big business men are…they promise things to get people on their side and only time will tell what truly happens.

He said: “From this point forward, the Buffalo Sabres’ reason for existence will be to win the Stanley Cup.”

I hope he’s right. I would hate to never be able to cross this goal off my list before I die lol!



The beginning of this season looks just awful. BUT, normally we have an awesome first half of the season and a terrible slump towards the end- so maybe this year it’s just the other way around!

after a few bad years...

Buffalo is due! I know that at some point…in the next (knock on wood) 80 years of my life I will see the Cup come to Buffalo!

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