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Sub-goal: Have dinner with my boyfriend and his parents

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This morning Z and I went to the nature trail and afterward we went out with both my mom and Z’s dad. It was a spur of the moment change in plans but I went with it. (Pretty amazing given how I was feeling and not being able to do the preplanning that is necessary for me.) Not feeling great now, (not surprising as eating is tricky) but I’m still glad I did it and Z’s dad was happy.

Okay it was breakfast, not dinner, but it’s worthy of checking this off.

Part of a bigger goal...

I definitely think that last year I worked to improve my relationship with Z’s family. I sent cards, texts, e-mails, and had conversations with several of his family members. When I went over to their house on Christmas Day, I was warmly received by his parents- a step above the previous year.

I debated marking my ‘improve my relationship’ goal as complete, but I think this goal would really show me that things are headed in a much better direction and that I can mark off my previous goal.

I’ve never had dinner with just Z and his parents; there’s always their whole massive family around. Plus, eating is a tough thing for me, especially when my POTS acts up. (Eating is very touch-and-go for me)

Still, I’m making this a ‘resolution’ for this year. Whether it’s at home (theirs or Z’s), or out, I’d like to try having dinner with just the four of us.

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