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Figure out a way of for my Mother to buy the house down the street and live closer to us.

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I don’t think my mom is quite ready to move yet. The other home opportunities in the past did not come to fruition… will keep eye open but not much really planned as far as this goes at this time. I imagine it is very difficult to give up independance after allmost 80 years. It is just a take it as it comes deal for now.


While not the same house when I started this goal. The other home is now going to Auction. It was foreclosed on and is starting at 69k. Very reasonable seeing a few years ago it would probably have sold for 210k. I am in a position should I get it at a low enough price I could swing it. I just don’t know if this is the right decision. Not even sure if she would move if the offer was their. I have talked with her about it and she is pretty stubborn about her independance. :) I suppose I would be too.
I have asked her if you could move back here would you like to and she won’t answer the question asked. She just says I don’t think my income would go very far here. So my decision about this is difficult. If I did this I would forego the other goal fo being 100% debt free. I doubt I would get the home for the price I could offer anyways. Well will keep thinking about it.

This seems so unattaineable.

This goal does seem like I will not be able to make it happen. I do beleive that writing it down does somthing allmost magic though and the power of focus. You all know what I mean. SO will keep thinking.

My Mom

My mother moved to a small farming community when she and my step dad retired. It is several hours drive from us. The reason she moved there was financial primarily. The town is wonderful and I would actually rather move their, but again my vocation will not allow that for of a commute everyday. SO without starting another vocation in teh small town where their is not much work.. we are at this place. The home down the street was walked away from and is for sale by hud atthis time, even then I do not thing she could qualify to get it and then even if she could she would not be able to make the payments. We have talked about just telling her to move in with us we could make do but I don’t know if she would really do it. I am open to many ways to do this. I have a strong feeling, now that my stepdad is gone, (5 years ago) she wants to come back to Denver to be around family. I will keep thinking….

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