Chris Pine in Denver is doing 28 things including…

take 43 photos of 43 places within 43 minutes of where I live

40 cheers


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Chris Pine has written 31 entries about this goal

#29 Coney Island Hotdogs

This building near Bailey Colorado is an iconic building shaped like a hot-dog! You must stop when going by this! :)

#28 Teds Montana Grill

Even though this is a chain of sorts i think it is very good. I don’t agree with many of Ted Turners political or personal views for that matter but the man knows good food! :) Had teh bison meatloaf sandwich today.. delicious.

#27 The Bear Valley Church

Were my family and I attend.

#26 Farmers Market

Farmers market

#25 This place is new to our part of the woods!

I have yet to try it out…

#25 MAC store

My little playground and money taker.

#24 Parker Cemetery Parker Colorado.

Parker Cemetery Parker Colorado

#23 Dr. Walter Heath Memorial Bench.

Downtown Parker Colorado.

#22 Parker Consolidated school building

Parker Colorado- old school house

#21 Denver Public Library Sculpture of Horse on a chair

Another challenge photo….Right outside of Denver Public Library.

Chris Pine has gotten 40 cheers on this goal.


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