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reduce, reuse, recycle

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I am counting this completed

I will continue to be conscious and monitor the way I buy things, what kind of packaging etc is it in.. I will continue to recycle… I don’t think that we all have to change all that much… if weveryone does a little nit it will add up and make it better ofr all of us.

reuse of scrap paper

It is amazing the amount of scrap paper my work generates. We are going to use some of it for my kids to make scrap paper note pads to give as Christmas gifts. My kids have made things to give to friends and family each year and they really get into it. We made jelly again this year and the notepads can be included in teh gift basket perhaps.. Just an idea and the material is free for this project!


Seen this on another forum. Wow what an act of patience and ingenuity!

I may seem like a obsessive I suppose to some...This would be "reduce" entry

I go around wherever I am at work shutting lights off as I leave the room. For example locker room… no one in there as I am leaving lights go out. Same with conferance room… sits empty 85% of day yet light stays on all day… not when I see it it doesn’t. :) I am the same at home… more so At home actually it is my money at home….
Myth busters examined this issue and found that if you are not going to need the light and are going to be gone say more than 20 seconds you should turn the light out to save energy. SO the old myth that people use all the time “it cost mroe to turn it on initially than to leave it on continuasly is false!

I am not an extremist...just common sense ist :)

I am not an extremist ecological nut case which I guess is a matter of perspective to some degree. I do believe there are some of those in our world today. I do think we are missing the boat as to recycleing reusing and reducing in our world today. I believe that with most of life and it is certainly true with this area doing it “right” does not cost that much more, if anything and will pay dividends for much longer than doing it cheaper and faster.
I participate very actively with our cities recycling program. I have a large family and we actually requested a second recycling bin and we have no problem filling both of them for the pickup every other week. Paper, cardboard, glass, aluminum, plastic, steel, etc…
Does anyone recycle there batteries from home electronics? I have not found a local place to drop these off. Have to admit this is somthing we should probably be doing as well.
Look forward to reading everyones posts on this subject!
By the way would love if anyone who wants to joined me in one of my goals: “As a team put our heads together and come up with a viable use for Bottle caps for The TerraCycle Bottle Cap Contest”
Check it out! If you would like an invite let me know!

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