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Lucky Fortune #21

“You could prosper in the field of medicine.” Well, that is where my passions and career are currently taking me so glad to hear it!

Good things are being said about you!

This is generally true all the time, but I’m grateful to get this now – lucky fortune #20 – because I am up for some pretty significant opportunities this month and it helps that this is especially true right now. Wishing you all good fortune as well!

Fortune Nineteen

To the concerned folks we met at the South Shore Mall today, recently I asked the Universe to slap sense into me whenever I’m slipping and the results have been pretty epic; today while having lunch with my daughter I’d forsaken the Present groveling about some inconsequential B.S. and bored watching a toddler eat her lunch one grain of rice at a time, basically completely lost in my ego. After being there an hour, and only grateful that we could go home, my daughter finished her cookie and gifted me her fortune (too young to read). In short, not all tears mean you’re sad, but Thank You for your concern and so much more.

Fortune Trifecta!

Here are three meaningful fortunes to start off 2014 right:

- Success is on its way to you.
- The world is always ready to receive talent with open arms.
- Your present plans are going to succeed.

I’m feeling great about 2014, I hope you are too!

Fortune Fifteen

Interesting that this fortune is neither definitive or explicit, I guess it’s up to me to make it so. Funny because I’ve been listening to The Millionaire Next Door on Audible and as I’ve gotten through the audio I have an increasing desire to become better at this.

Fortune Fourteen

You will be showered with good fortune; I’ll take it!

Fortune Thirteen

This one is great; however, I must admit I’m happy never reaching these… rather using them as guides to steer my life’s work. Perfection is the enemy of good, as well as progress… but as a guide it’s invaluable.

Fortune Twelve

Grateful because it’s true.

Fortune Ten and Eleven

Hard to know if these two have really happened/manifested but I believe because of the power of the cookie! ;-)

Fortune Nine

Since my last manifestation worked well (seriously), trying this again. Make it so! Wishing you all the same good fortune.

Live Life Love has gotten 46 cheers on this goal.


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