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live in New York City

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I finally found a place to live

I move in to it tomorrow from this hostel I am living in.

I think I can finally say I am living in New York City. Wow.

The next step...

to living in new york city, is to find somwhere to live.

I have a few share apartments that sound promising, but I will have to stay in a hostel till I can hook one up for sure.

I was worried a week ago that I would end up either living with the quakers, the salvation army, or at a convent, where there is a curfew and no alcohol or boys. lol.

I hear the subway is nice and warm :P


I just found out I got into the masters course at New York University that I applied to, so I guess it’s gonna happen pretty soon – September, to be precise.


I have applied to a masters course at NYU. If I don’t get into that I might ditch the NYC idea and think of somewhere else.

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