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Well, I've:

- scanned in all my loose papers (especially from school and filing folder)
- donated a bunch of old clothes, cleaned out my closet
- cleaned and cleaned out the bathroom and cabinet under the sink
- organized my desk and drawer
- organized storage closet (sewing stuff)
- organized my budget and spending
- cleaned up the study
- donated some old cooking utensils, other than that the kitchen is pretty organized
- have a plan for the coming school year for organizing my classes and notes and reviewing them.

The only thing thats not really organized is my head (and computer, for some part). Working on that.

Less clutter, kind of

When I moved in, I took very little. I was able to fit everything I was taking into my mother small car including my desk and “bed” (sleeping bag). Unfortunately, its still cluttered, and I think I’ve figured out why – some things help with clutter. I didn’t bring a trash can, which would really help (I made one out of cardboard, but its flimsy), or some boxes for organizing things (thats how clutter happens… I thought it was just too many objects.) Also, a desk would have made a lot of difference to my studying habits. Oh well, once I move into a more permanent place, I’ll save up to buy a nice, light yet sturdy, simple yet big-enough desk so I can have a nicer place to study.

So much junk, I can't think

Agg. Things that need to go-

1. old clothes -> goodwill
2. old books -> goodwill, library donations
3. trash -> recycling, trash…I only hope after this, I wont be sending so many things to a landfill somewhere :(
4. old nick-nacks -> ?? will goodwill take these? I really don’t want them anymore. These are candles, picture frames, little cat statues…I know people might want this stuff, but who and where? you can gladly take them!
5. papers -> boxes, go through, file important papers, save selected school papers, rest go into firebin.

Just imagine clean space…the ability to work without being surrounded by junk. A clear environment will make it easier to have a clear mind.

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