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Do something amazing and not even know I did it.

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I guess this one is more or less

Similar to the ‘make a difference’ goal that many others have on 43t.

This one is more a ‘hope I just do this without even realising’ thing.

More the kind of goal that I may not never really know one way or the other whether something I did was amazing or not (unless I was told of course).

To me, it could well be the most simple and ordinary thing in the world, yet to an observer or recipient it could really be amazing. Not necessarily jaw dropping kick arse wow amazing, but amazing nonetheless.

Some folks, me included, tend to measure things or compare events or people against all sorts of varying criteria, adjudging them against some otherwise imposed set of perceptions that suggest a, b, or c is only really ok, if it meets x,y or z and if it doesn’t then its put on the pile of could do betters. When in reality, perhaps its more the case that if anybody is going to do any judging or measuring then it should be either the observing person who notices it for the act that it is, or the person on the end of it!

See Im thinkng here that IF you are doing something amazing AND you dont even KNOW that you are, THEN you are doing something right and are on a good path.

Does that make sense?

Why did I find that such a difficult thing to explain?

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