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Be less laissez faire with my goals

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I look at my goals and think…Am I really gonna do that? Do I really want to even? I think in terms of I ‘must’ have aspired to at some point otherwise I wouldn’t have put it there. Yet to say that reduces me to some non complex metronomic figure, constant, boring, unchanging which is patently absurd. Ha! I’m a unique organic life form! heh :D

With some of my goals I think to myself, am I gonna get there by sitting on my fat arse? To which the immediate answer is no, I’m not!

I need to have a goal prune at some point and have a clean up. Or maybe I’m just being a little hard on myself (I’m good at that)

Hmmn meantime, I think, I’ll go and buy a new book from the bookshop soon and nip into the day centre and see how things are going with my volunteer references and stuff like that. :)

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