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Create a plan for 2010 and run with it


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oh sweet!

they have calligraphy classes at the worcester art museum

and there are scholarships available too!

and tai chi too!

i think ill wait until the next session though, since this one starts tomorrow….

Calligraphy I and II
Gerry Jackson Kerdok T 9:30am to 12:30pm
Jan 19-Mar 9, 7-sessions
(No class February 16)
Non-Member $180 Member $160
Learn the art of the hand-drawn letter using
a broad pen. Beginners will focus on Italic
texts, traditional and innovative illumination
in watercolor, and an overview of the history
of the illuminated letter. Continuing students
will follow an individual course of study. Bring
any kind of calligraphic marker and a pad of
graph paper.

The Art of Tai Chi I and II
William Riordan T 5:15pm to 6:15pm
Jan 19-Mar 23, 10-sessions
Non-Member $125 Member $105
Begin or continue to learn the ancient art of
Tai Chi, practiced for health and relaxation.
The benefits include improved balance,
health, range of motion, and
a calming effect on the mind. The class
will consist of light warm ups, breathing
exercises (qi-gong), and incremental learning
of the Yang style 24 form Tai Chi sequence.
Please wear comfortable clothing.


I would love to…

take a pottery class
learn how to bind books
take a dance class
take voice lessons

who knows what’s next!!


“The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me.” ~ Ayn Rand

more grad school stuff

they say i should start looking for funding as soon as i apply…. so i’ll start that. b/c i’m an americorps alum, i think i am eligible for 40% scholarship which is awesome and great, but… that still leaves a lot (especially since only one person gets a full fellowship a year).

grad school stuff
1- Figure out references
2- Contact references
3- Start/ work on essays
4- Revise resume
5- Create portfolio (not necessary right now!)
6- Contact my undergrad school to send transcript
7- send my cv
8- submit application online by friday!!!


I also am applying for an intern position with the New England Wildflower Association so I need to get on that as well.

1- Determine references
2- Tweak resume
3- COVER LETTER!!! Almost done!
4- Get okay from references! One down, 2 to go! E-mailed other two!
5- E-mail the cover letter/resume!

EDIT: I have the references I want to use. I just a tiny bit. And write the cover letter (give me an afternoon and I’ll get that out).


So I am applying for graduate school.

What do I need to do?

1- Figure out references
2- Contact references
3- Start/ work on essays
4- Revise resume
5- Create portfolio
6- Contact my undergrad school to send transcript

More to come….

Deadline for application: January 15th!!!


I want to:
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