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Sad :(

I have been feeling so sad today. It’s not bee a good day. I have this cat, who is actually a neighbours cat (I’m not sure which neighbour tho) and for the last year and a half he’s been hanging out with me, I think he doesn’t bother going back to his original home anymore as he spends so much time here instead and I’ve even had to buy cat food as he moaned for me to feed him rather than go back home. He’s my best friend. As I’m agoraphobic is my only friend really. Anyway the past few days he’s had something wrong with his back leg. He came in alright to go to sleep. Then woke up and wondered around my bedroom really slowly then decided to go back to sleep. Woke up again and couldn’t put any weight on his foot. Ever since then he’s spent the last few days sleeping, I thought he’d sleep it off and get better. He limps off out in the day to go to the toilet and then jumps into my shed window and sleeps there instead. went in to see him tonight and brought him some food and water and he’s meows so mournfully and moans at me. He’s not got better infact I think he’s got worse. I’m so sad for him.

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