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5 things march 8

1) fun times and people over on friday
2) the particularly garish and hilarious humour of a friend
3) sleeping in bed all day yesterday
4) my body slowly changing
5) energy and purpose on a sunday!

5 things March 4

1) sparkpeople
2) friend coming over to watch movies this morning (we write a column together re: film)
3) trying out new recipes
4) DH eats anything i put in front of him
5) feeling awesome when i got out of bed this morning

5 things March 3

1. vegetables in the fridge
2. obtaining a movie that i’ve been dying to see
3. getting stuff done and it’s only 11:30am
4. hot showers and comfy pants
5. the nap i am about to slip into

5 things March 2

1. being able to breathe through my nose again
2. a partner who can pay the rent
3. possibly not having to work at the store today means getting stuff done at home! aaaah who am i kidding… x-files marathon of evil
4. my dear friend being so happily preggers, and so so gorgeous!
5. a clean apartment, laundry done, a new week ahead

5 things Feb 27 09

1. rainy days means that everyone wants to stay hidden inside… not just me! a cozy cuddly world joins me in hibernation and bliss
2. getting stuff done on the publication (not done yet!)
3. DH is gone for the day/night/day tomorrow – i get to do whatever i want. also, perhaps i need a break because i’ve become bitterly clingy lately and clearly, that sucks for both of us.
4. DH left me the car.
5. sending an email to my boss explaining why the first draft of the publication will not be done for today… upon receiving no reply, i assume this means that i am not in trouble. no news is good news!

5 things Feb 26 09

1) starting to date these 5 thing entries
2) kindness from DH during this flu shit
3) sleeping in this morning, only to find that it’s still only 9:30am
4) America’s Next Top Model downloads for sickly girl = delicious evil
5) people who kindly provide such data for the world to have

6) a new day and a new chance to finish this work project and just be done with it, so i can go back to being sick. luckily, it’s an amazing project (a publication for the LGBTQ community re: our special stock catering to these groups)... it’s an extension of the zine we already put out, but in a different format so it makes me stretch my design and writing muscles. also, i can do it while dying from the snot monster. also, it’s about 1/2 done already. also, if i finish it this morning in a magical whirlwind of mad skillz and medicine, i can spend the rest of the day/night watching another season of ANTM.

okay, number 6. LET’S DO THIS

5 things

1) i have a job that is mostly from home, so when i get the flu (like now), i won’t get in trouble for being home so much
2) the bread that is in the oven that i will eat with hummus and soup later
3) this hot coffee feels good on my sore throat
4) back scratches and affection from DH last night in front of the tv
5) discovering the term “DH”

5 things

1. mondays are the best reset-button days – this week is already better
2. good talks with partner – solving problems, airing out stuff, good good good
3. the website i use for this losing-weight-changing-lifestyle kick that i am on – i keep finding features that seem to magically appear just when i need them!
4. a full week of editing and design ahead of me, yay work!
5. paying off one of my credit cards yesterday

after a really bad weekend.....

1) going to the store on friday and discovering big changes to my body in the changeroom – wow, eating right and exercise CAN make a difference!
2) inflatable mattresses in front of tv when sick/depressed/exhausted
3) managing to djay just fine, even with all the drama flying around
4) my partner’s everlasting forgiveness and patience
5) a new monday and a fresh start

5 things

1. finding a forum about exercise videos
2. accidentally popping in the extra hard disc of a video series, but doing it anyways!
3. advil advil advil – oooch my aching muscles!
4. getting the laundry done, which means many comfy pj pants to pick from
5. getting through two whole days of this two week “being good” stuff – without it being too hard yet!

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