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What does it actually mean?!?

When i put this “goal” that i wanted to grow up i guess the saying goes good things come to those who wait and i’ve learned to be patient when it comes to this and i will get what i want—> to be treated like an adult and to act like one, if i’ve got one down shouldn’t the other follow? Well i’ve been told i act older than my age (im 19) but some people just dont treat me like an adult will it take time? well to answer that i guess only time will tell?! Ironic or what??

Growing Up!

Im 18 and i dont want to be! Everyone says you don’t want to grow up stay a child forever! Well guess what i’m not Peter Pan the opposite actually i want to grow up and stop acting childish and grow up have a life, a family all the rest can’t i have that now? why not and what is the important point in growing if you just want to be older and more mature!? Who has the right to slow down that process? Him upstairs its so un-fair.


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