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Lost 20 so far

Now for the next 20 :)

Lost 4 pounds this week!!


All those protein supplements from my doctor paid off!

And that is in SPITE of what I had on Easter Sunday, when I decided to take a break.

Up and down, up and down

But I started my protein supplement diet prescribed by my doctor all over again from the beginning just 2 days ago.

Weigh in is this coming Wednesday – we shall see what we shall see.

According to the diet doctor today

I’ve lost another 3 pounds in spite of the Cadbury and grilled cheese and pizza and more cadbury. . .

HOW, I’ll never know!

I’m just ready to RIGHT BACK ON THE DIET now.


Well I lost 3 pounds last week

but since then I’ve had Cadbury chocolate (a LOT), and a grilled cheese sandwich, and some potato wedges at work.

And pretzels.

I need to get back on this thing…

PB is NOT my friend.

I’m glad I’m all out now, b/c it was getting scary how often I was eating globs of that stuff.

Last weekend at the doctor’s office, I found out I’d lost 8 pounds! (Yay!)

But then last Wednesday at my TOPs meeting, I found out I’d only lost 3/4 of a pound. . . hmmm… does that mean I had a gain between Saturday and TOPs???

Bad peanut butter! Baaaaaaaad!

Teaspoon of PB - 1

Crystie – 0

Went to the doctor yesterday to weigh in

So far I’ve lost 8 pounds in two weeks!


Course, they also discovered that I’m “insulin resistant” when they did my bloodwork. So that’s something to consider.

I’ll be put on medication for that, and the medicine should make it EVEN EASIER to stick to my diet now. Cause the too much insulin is what has been making me crave sugary foods, and the medicine will help me to stop craving sugary foods.

More on that later :D

First day back at work

And so far so good. When the other teachers went out to lunch, I went with them for the socializing and just had iced water. I had a grilled chicken breast I had brought from home back in the classroom (today was a work day – kids come back day after tomorrow) and a caesar salad for dinner tonight.

Only had 1 supplement so far today though – I need to make a shake or something. . .

I just counted up my protein supplements

And realized that since we went on a Thursday for the first weigh in but our second visit is on January 6 that I’m not going to have enough to do three a day until then. . .

Will have to do one or two days of 2 supplements and 2 meals, and then ask them when I’m there what happened. They should know how many we will need till our next appointment, shouldn’t they??

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