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Here we go

I’ve been doing the stepper properly and eating a lot better so I’m gonna mark this one as done.

Here we go

I’ve been doing the stepper properly and eating a lot better so I’m gonna mark this one as done.


I think the number one key for getting in shape and being happy with your own body is acceptance. To look in the mirror and tell yourself “That’s ok. I am beautiful. I am strong.”
It’s ok to not be a size zero. Why would you only want to be skin and bones? It’s ok to have a little something to grab onto.
I was coming around to the idea of my body being acceptable until this morning. And none of my trousers fit. All accept one fit. All too tight. But I know myself that I’ve lost weight. So I realised my hips are widening. I’m developing much more of a womanly shape. And do you know something? THAT’S OK!

You see on tv and in shapes these magical tablets that turn fat to muscle and make you lose god knows how many pounds in so many days. Do you know what they don’t tell you? YOU CANNOT CHANGE YOUR BONE STRUCTURE! For me? I could exercise until the cows come home. Stop eatng all together or just be unbelievably healthy and have no guilty pleasures in life. But I know that I’ll still need to buy new trousers. I have hips. Childbearing hips. and as I said before. THAT’S OK!

There is a balance. A balance we need. Healthy foods that taste good and do us good. And the bad foods. The guilty pleasures that are tasty but not so good for us. If we balance it out there is nothing wrong with it. A bit of exercise in between and your sorted. Once you know you’re doing your best and making a conscious effort who cares if your a size 16 or a size 6. Or bigger or smaller. It doesn’t matter. Embrace your shape. Dress to flatter your shape. Look in the mirror everyday and instead of being fed up and frustrated. Tell yourself THATS OK! I’M OK! If you’ve had a child OBVIOUSLY you’re not going to go wittle down to that size you were before. Perhaps you might with a whole lot of work. But bodies constanly change. Don’t give in to the notion that your body shape only changes up to the age of 18. It’s a constant change

This isn’t just directed a girls. It’s stupid to merely aim it at girls. There are so many men who struggle with their weight. But once all men and women alike are healthy or trying? then THATS OK.

Now? I’m going to go eat. ;)


Monday – A walk
Tuesday – A walk
Wednesday – An hour of badminton and half an hour of the stepper
Thursday – an hour of swimming


Hoping for stepper on Friday, a walk on Saturday or the stepper on Saturday and the gym on Sunday!

No chocolate means it’s all about toning now! Not keeping the weight off!!


Had the doctors on Monday for a big huge check up and it would seem I have a fair few things wrong with me. None of which are good and I don’t think it’s quite hit me yet.

Despite that though, one of the things I have to do and there is no wiggle room seemly – I’m not allowed have ANY chocolate. AT ALL. Faints I am on day three right now and I’ve been suffering hugely. I conked out for hours last night. No energy and it’s making it difficult to exercise and such but at the very least I guess less chocolate means it’s one less thing to work off and so it won’t be a case of working off what I ate anymore, it’ll be a case of toning up because I’m eating properly now. I wont fall back into bad habits because I can’t. For my health, for my life – I cannot


I’m i’ve been trying hard. Here’s what I’ve been doing!

Sunday – Go to the gym
Monday – Go for a long walk
Tuesday – Do twist stepper
Wednesday – Badminton
Thursday – Go swimming
Friday – Varies between the gym and the stepper
Saturday – Sometimes the stepper or just a day off


Day 3

After a break down on Saturday night form looking at myself in the mirror I have been exercising despite my tiredness, eating loads of fruit, veg, fibre and drinking as much water as I can stomach. I will not be the fat lump I see before me! I refuse to be.

I’ve decided to come off a tablet I’ve been on as well which had caused me some original weight gain and swelling. 3 days and my lovely skinny wrists are back. yay!

Part of this is eating healthy

So I started yesterday. Fruit! Veg! Exercise!

I plan to go for a walk as many times during the week as I can so long as it doesn’t rain!

Does anyone....

Get the days when they feel they look great and then most other days it’s a I’m a fat lump….. argh!

Can you feel the burn?

I have one of those twist steppers that you see on tv and I’m trying to use it every day and I have seen some results but it’s not really doing the full job if I’m honest.

Going for a jog seems lethal

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