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I'm not shy anymore...

I finished this goal quite a while back. My shyness was mostly just fear to speak or do anything in front of people. I’m not sure why I was so afraid for so many years of my life. I guess it’s because I am so sensitive to people’s comments or attitudes toward me. Which I really shouldn’t be. Most people are over-critical or over-opinionated anyway. And a lot of times people are incorrect in what they say. I read in someone else’s entry that you just need to have the confidence that people are gonna like what you say. They might not like it in reality, but it’s better to show that confidence.

Status as of 9/19/09

I talked to a girl today who I usually get really shy around. I was a bit timid but I think a did a good job opening up. At work today I’ve been doing ok not clamming up.. but I’ve been tired and grumpy so I haven’t been the most friendly person. I’m doing well at the goal but still haven’t quite succeeded.

Status as of 9/18/09

Today I did pretty good at this. I wasn’t shy talking to waiters when I went out for breakfast and dinner. I felt a little insecure when I was at the beach in my bikini. I also felt a little insecure when I went to this mall where a lot of rich girls with expensive clothes, hair-dos and make-up go. I did okay with this goal today, but there is still a long way to go. I think achieving this goal and loving myself go hand in hand.


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