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Go and sit in the cafe more often

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I've been out and about

every day for the last week, and that nearly always means some time spent in the cafe. Mostly it’s been with other people, but I’ve been by myself too.

Cambridge is blessed with a few cafes that I really like.


I’ve been going with other people more, which is really nice, but not exactly the intent behind this goal.


I went yesterday, and sat, and read, and drank tea, and ate cake. It was a close run thing, but I’m glad I did.


I’m doing a bit more with people, but not by myself. I was talking about this with my new friend as well, and she wants to do the same thing.


I had another meeting in the cafe and turned up a little bit early again. But I’m still not sure that it really counts.


I went to a meeting in a cafe early today, so I could sit and read for a bit. Does that count? It was a good meeting too.

Other than that, I’ve only been going to the cafe with other people still.

I used to much more than I do,

And I’d like to get back into the habit. It was good. It felt real. I’m not sure why I stopped.

Measureability—I’ll start by saying once a week, and it has to be during the day.

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