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begin to repay my parents for all that they've done for me

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Oh boy this is a biggie....

Yeah, I’m a spoiled ‘only’. Dad was right there when my career tanked and I decided to go to art school…..when my first cats died…when I was in intensive care in the hospital…mom stepped up to the plate when I threw up on my Teddy and needed him clean before I could go back to sleep…she still loves me even though I flipped her first brand new car 3 times into a ravine and smashed it up a little more with a couple of well placed trees… They answer the phone at 2 am when I tell them I’ve just left the police and I’m on my way to the shelter. I’m afraid I’ve taken years off their lives with all the things I’ve done…and I was a good kid! I don’t think a new strawberry plant for Mother’s Day or a handmade birthday card for my dad does much to convey how I feel about them. Mom didn’t disown me when I screamed that I hated her and went into therapy. Dad may sigh heavily but he never says ‘no’ to me. Maybe the best payback is to have kids of my own??

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