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I think I'm forced to do this again, but now, in a different environment.

Now that I finally managed to conquer small talk in a classroom environment, I now have to conquer small talk in any general environment. Now that’s something that will take some time. I think I’m gonna have to hang out at the college gym for a while, and see who I can talk with.

And I mean I have to do it outside the classroom, because there ain’t no more girls in them anymore. I’m an engineering student, which means most of my classrooms are filled with 25 men, 4 girls that are just not worth it, and 1 worthy girl, usually with a boyfriend already. I need to meet more girls, but I still feel uncomfortable in these environments, even though I spent a lot of time in the gym last year. Well, actually, I just went there to do my stuff; the only interpersonal communication I had was every time a device was busy, which implied saying “Shall we take a turn each other?”; however, that was just some gym etiquette.

Hope I can do it well.

Small talk conquered!

It all started with a job my knowledge and culture teacher left me. I had to gather up with 3 other guys and interview 2 people that we would consider to be successful.

Back then, I was a quite shy person that didn’t had any friends in the classroom. I was so shy, I had to do it all by myself, 2 days before the due date!

But then, after so much speaking with other classmates I didn’t even know, I eventually began to talk to my other classmates. That’s how I knew my best friend and soon to be girlfriend.

Thing complete!

Small talk successfully handled. Wow!

Last week I was in my creative writing class, and one of the guys who were sitting next to me was really awful at doing small talk. He was saying something about some poet who died at age 20. Not a good starter at all.

But then I stepped in and showed him my little story, which began with something like “Arthur is fucking lame” in reference to my friend (who was casually there :D), and then, conversation started to flow.

I also found my digital design homework to be a great starter, because it’s a big bunch of chips, cables and number displays. It looks big. Unfortunately, I’m not having this kind of homeworks anymore (fortunately too, ‘cause I don’t want to see a fucking protoboard anymore, not even in a painting), but trust me, it really works. :-)

Just a little bit more, and everything is gonna be fine. I already learned that unknown people don’t bite; they’re just plain mortals usually minding their own.

This group could be helpful.

I just applied for a group at college that focuses on interpersonal communication. The meetings start next week, and it could be a good chance to start my conversational skills so I can meet more people.

Online conversations are also a good things. I’m a member of Gaia Online, the biggest non-anonymous forums on the entire Web, with over 4 million people (that’s as much people as there is in Guadalajara) where you can practice your small talk skills by just dropping a random PM.

I just found a way to practice my small talk.

In order to feel more comfortable when doing small talk, I had the terrific idea of going to school without any money (well, today it was unintentional, I spent all my cash in a set of copies). If I needed something, like bus change or something like that, I would go find a really, really good looking girl I would be terrified to talk with, and ask for that thing. I did that today with my bus change and my cell phone (I ran out of money), and it worked just fine. I was even surprised by how easy it was to talk with these girls!

Integral calculus in summer could be just the key!

So far, I feel like I’m getting better and better at small talk. The key is to address people around my age as “Hi, man!”, then naturally let the conversation flow like a river.

The summer integral calculus classes begin in 2 weeks. ‘Tis my chance to improve my social skills!

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