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went to the beerfest last week….it was fun :)

Students of Life

went to my cousin’s new club SoL tuesday night
they call us solmates
it’s cute :)


me and kel went to julian sunday.
that was fun


this week i went hiking/rock climbing w/ my old roommate and her friends…not something i would EVER want to do, but i did it and it was fun!!
and i got to see a new part of sd which was awesome


this week i went to the new target…it’s almost TOO big, i don’t know if i like it yet.
and they charge tax on their starbucks :/

and this friday i’m going out for halloween for the first time in years so, that will be new and fun hopefully!


i went to the haunted hotel friday night…
it was pretty cool :)
and the dispensary was AWESOME i’ve never seen anything like it!


well, last week i went to watch this guy sing at a coffeehouse with my friend. usually not my scene, but it actually ended up being really fun and it felt so good to get out and do something NEW for a change!
and the guy who sang was AWESOME and now i have new music to listen to in my car, yay!

this week my new experience will be going to LA to get my medical marijuana card and going to the dispenseries for the first time! yayyyyyyy, i’m so so so excited!!

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