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revamp my wardrobe


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worth doing :)

haha i’m having the same problem, i need to take this off my list before i go broke!! i went major major shopping these past two weekends, and stocked up on the basics….i feel soo much better though, and even though i spent a lot of $$, i got a lot for it. i discovered a store that had 5 tank tops or basic scoop t’s or v-neck t’s for $10!! Two bucks a shirt is unheard of around here, so i was very very excited. they had them in almost every color and they are long, so they look SUPER cute layered….also, they had really cheap jewelry, so i got a few new pairs of earrings to throw on in the morning. also got 3 new pairs of shoes/sandals (payless and burlington coat factory), 2 new dresses ($4 each at burlington), and some other shirts that i love. the whole point of this was that i wanted to be able to get up and get ready quickly and still look cute and put together. i’ve definately felt better about myself just by wearing girl clothes again instead of jeans and my boyfriend’s sweatshirts. so yes, this goal is worth doing, but now it’s time to move onto other goals like SAVE $$$ cuz i cannot spend anymore on clothes!! it’s wayyy too addicting. but very fun. and worth it ;)

sick of looking scrubby....

maybe will go shopping at the thrift stores sunday? so hard to find time, but i really wanna get some cute clothes now that it’s warming up :)


finally got rid of a ton of old clothes saturday…kinda weird how i was emotionally attached to a lot of them; kinda like i have comfort food, i had comfort clothes that i always tended to hide myself in. got rid of most of them, i need to start dressing how i feel.


went shopping this weekend and had a blast! prolly didn’t help with my save money or be debt free goals, but dammit, i have been in serious need of some new clothes lately, all mine are too big now and make me look sloppy…so, i got a few cute dresses from the thrift store, and i got some shoes and a few cute shirts from marshalls…also got a CUTE shirt for our office christmas party and even spent money on some earrings and a bracelet (which i never do)....felt a little guilty about spending a lil too much, but all in all i feel good cuz i know i can get a lot of use out of everything. however, still cannot find pants cuz i’m in between sizes, so i’ll just havta wait on those…


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