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disneyland + shrooms + friend= a day you'll never forget :)

did them again…..at DISNEYLAND!!! omg the funnest thing i’ve ever done, seriously…..went on alice in wonderland and fantasyland rides which were sooooooooo cool…..space mountain was really cool too…. omg cannot reccommend it enough, make sure you do it with a fun person tho, that makes all the difference! and make sure you make yourself drink water and eat or else you’ll have a bad come-down, but we made sure to do that and it was SUCH a wonderful day! then after we came down from it around 3:30-4:00ish, we went back in the car and smoked and went back in….different, but still extremely fun experience to go high :) GO!!

sooo cool

finally did them saturday night….was an awesome experience! doesn’t make you feel as good as e, but is a different kind of high….now i know what to expect and next time i wanna take more caps!! (what makes you see the cool stuff) we put the shrooms underneath the cheese on some pizza and i couldn’t taste anything, i highly recommend it :) however, would not recommend doing this w/ ppl who aren’t doing it too.. there were 2 ppl who didn’t do it and it was really annoying. they smoked/drank, but still they weren’t on our level and that sucked and i stayed away from them.

loved shrooms for many reasons: 1) won’t show up on a drug test 2) doesn’t make you hungry at ALL 3) you find beauty in ordinary objects/nature 4) i took it at 5:30 and was fine to be able to drive home by 11:30 5) no bad hangover, just slight headache the next day that went away after i ate :)

the high was different than i thought, i was much more in control of my emotions/thoughts than i thought. i thought i’d be hallucinating, but you’re still there, ya know? i don’t know how to explain it, i guess ya just have to try them :)

try to make sure you have someone to come down with, cuz my boyfriend fell asleep and i was in that state by myself, and it sucked…the ppl who stayed at the house didn’t have that feeling tho, so i think this can be easily fixed next time—just stay w/ the ppl you did them with to the end :)

p.s. kel you’d love this :) i still have some if ya wanna do it when you come down!


everyone was too damn hungover after the christmas party, and i couldn’t do it sunday…..so we said next weekend….i’m disappointed but whatever, i’m doin it with or without them come saturday…

yayy i got some!

got 6 bags of 1.5 from my boyfriend’s friend…he told me to make a note saying “this will wear off!” and keep it with me and my friends when we do it, cuz it’s important not to freak out when you do it….he said to eat it with food, i think i’m gonna wrap it up in pizza :) also he said try to do it in nature cuz it’s really awesome that way….i’m thinking it may be better to do it the day after the christmas party (dec 2) cuz we’ll be drinking a lot that night, and it’s best to do it in your right state of mind (and make sure NOTHING has gone wrong, he said it’s important to be happy and not thinking any negative thoughts or else they’ll be magnified)...kinda like E…neways am very excited, will letcha know how it goes!!


should happen december 1st w/ my coworkers after the christmas party!!! yeah-ya ;)


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