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be part of a team that donates 1 million grains of rice through freerice.com

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New total: 689,770

5000 more tonight. :)

New total: 661,580

651,580 plus 10,000 more this evening.

New Total: 630,860

2320 More… I make 45 regularly…has anyone gotten higher?

Now: 618,580

Only 1100 today. Trying to be a team player everyday even if it’s just a little at a time.


582,280 plus my 5020 for tonight

Oops! Add my points for a total of 557,360

I thought it was a million each. :)

I have another 4400 plus my 64,250 to add to the total

10,000 grains of rice today

equals 64,250 so far. Baby steps…

I love words!

So this is fun! 3100 plus the 51,150 I did earlier equals 54,250. Have a ways to go.

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