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be a domestic goddess

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Danadanadana has written 11 entries about this goal

I can't believe how much work it is taking

to make even a little bit of progress on this house! Everything is just so old and dingy. And falling apart.

The washing machine leaks, the fridge leaks, the faucet leaks… and even the cat leaks!

Seriously, the orange cat peed on my suitcase the other day (and then he puked on the carpet- What fun!). I can’t get the cat-pee smell out. It’s a soft backpacky-type suitcase, and I even put it in the washing machine twice, once with a cup of vinegar. Still smelly.

And yes, just for the record the cat is sick, but he did these things the day after I got him treated at the vet :-(

Poor cat. Poor suitcase! The carpet’s clean again though :-)

This domestic goddess

spent all day on laundry, decluttering and dusting. I also put spackling on some walls that were damaged, repaired the shelf in the fridge and threw out some random unidentifiable food in the fridge (I guess that last one goes under the “decluttering category too!?).

But my best achievement for the day was that I threw out a significant amount of my mom’s cluttery dust-collecting things. When I say “significant amount” it means I got 3/4 of a garbage bag full of cheesy trinkets, fake flowers in baskets, old magazines and catalogues, etc. There’s plenty of clutter left, so I’m sure she won’t notice much of it is gone.

I really want to learn how to make big yummy muffins

Like the ones at Our Town cafe and the long-ago Sally cafe in Victoria.

I think one of the secrets is to use vegetable shortening instead of oil so they grow big and fluffy, but up to this point I’ve never found a recipe that was good enough.

Edit: this website seems to have some useful info on leaveners in muffins, so I’ll link to it and read it when I have more time.

Err, well I haven't made any pizza dough yet.

But I had this cauliflower popcorn at a friend’s house the other day and it was incredible.

I like recipes with only 3 ingredients, especially if two of the ingredients are salt and olive oil :-)

Next domestic goddess scheme:

Make pizza dough.

First I have to eat a whole bunch of stuff out of the freezer, so I’ll have room for my future thin-crust pizza shells.

Today's achievement: Brownies!


These are really good brownies, but they took much longer to cook than the recipe said.

New hobby: sew stuff!

Yesterday I got an old 1970s sewing machine from the Sally-Ann for $15. It (sometimes) squeaks very loudly, but it has all the parts and it works.

Next I need to buy needles (regular and heavy duty), 3 colours of polyester thread, bobbin spools… and I think that’s it for now.

I have a number of things I ‘d been meaning to take to the tailor – not because I can’t fix them by hand, but mainly because I know I won’t get to it if I have to painstakingly stitch them all.

My list so far:

Make skinny jeans (from a regular pair of jeans)
Make my new silver shirt more fitted at the waist
Make some dust covers for the suitcases under the bed.
Adjust buttons on new jacket
Make some new pockets for my winter coat actually, the whole lining needs to be replaced :-( but I don’t know if I’m up to that task – I’ll look for some resources online

Oh, cool! This looks like an interesting site for quite a few things – hopefully it will be as nice and simple for me as it is for her. Replacing the liner in your coat step one


Bathroom’s clean.

I’d like to make chocolate zucchini loaf, but when it’s hot out, it’s not good to have the oven on.

Tomorrow’s task: dusting.

- Oh, and mountains of laundry.


Baked cookies today.

And I cleaned – I thought my friend was coming over here to make the cookies but she wanted me to go to her house. Luckily (?) I hadn’t gotten around to cleaning the bathroom yet, so I guess that’s on the list for tomorrow.

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