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substitute teach for a total of 100 days

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It’s Nov 30 – that makes it 1 year to the day that I started working as a sub.

Now I’ve reached 95 days. December is a short month for subbing. I’ve got 5 days booked in Dec so far, so should get this done in Dec!


brought me up to 84 days.

I didn't work much in September

because I was away for part of the month. Anyway, my 3 days at the end of September brings me to a total of 71 days.

October will be busier though.

68 days will be my grand total for the 2009/10 school year.

This Friday I’m accompanying a busload of kids to a nearby town for a track and field event, that’ll be fun.

The following week I need to start preparing for my summer job, so I’m not going to be available to sub after Friday.

That brings me to a grand total of 68 days worked this year.

to the end of May

63 days worked so far; 37 to go.

I'm currently trying to

puzzle out the requirements for Employment Insurance claims. Confusing, but I think I might have worked enough.

On the other hand, my friend is trying to hire me to work as a summer camp coordinator, which will be full-time all summer. If I do that, I will definitely have enough hours afterward to apply for EI later on.

(I don’t expect to be very busy with subbing during the month of September. All those teachers in fresh new classes, with excited students, everyone well rested from a 2-month summer break…)

March & April

47 days worked, 53 days to go.

Since there are only 2 months of school left (@ ~20 school days a month – maximum), I definitely won’t get this goal completed until the next school year.


74 days left, by the end of February.

Some of those days were half days of work. But I can’t be bothered to deal with the .4s and .6s etc.


(As of the end of the first week of February:)

84.5 days left to go!

94 days left to go

I guess this is kind of an odd goal, since I don’t have much control over how much I work.

But I want to keep track of how much subbing I do because I predict that by the time I get to 100 days, I will be feeling much more confident about teaching. And I will have made enough money to put a decent dent in my student loan.

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