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I have been at the library regularly over the past 2 months.

I do have several books I bought last fall which I haven’t finished reading yet, so I’ll work on those next.

I may need to start reading less – at least when my boyfriend is here, because he possibly thinks I’m ignoring him. So I need to not start any new books when he’s home.

Quick reads

Trashy “best-seller” novels from the library – excellent for the occasional cheap thrill!

Since I’m still in training at my new job (and “training” will take about 3 months- sheesh!), I’m just not mentally prepared to read much in the way of actual literature at the mo.

At absolute random

honest!, when I was in the library last week, a book about our favorite cat burglar jumped out at me and begged me to take it home.

Watch out, M. Lupin, I am about to discover some of your legendary secrets.

Yay -

Hellish literature exam finished (How reasonable is it to give students 17 bloody stories well, 16 and a novel over half a term and make them prepare essays on each one before the final exam!? Sheesh.)

Anyway, soon I will be able to read something I like!

I couldn't help it -

I know it was another procrastination thing, but I got an interesting looking book from the library today.

Fortunately it’s not due until Dec 20, because I know I won’t have any time to start reading it until the 14th!

Something to look forward to…

As soon as

this lit class is over, I should be able to do this. There’s lots of stuff I want to read, but I just don’t have time now.

From mid-December, I’ll be free of academia! Yay. But then I’ll have to go find a job – boo! :-(

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