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maintain low blood sugar

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I just got a lot of congratulations from my doctor today who said I am doing well so far this pregnancy. Some days I don’t feel like I am doing a good job but maintaining during pregnancy is a really hard thing to do. I am an overacheiever I guess. He said I could teach insulin management!

I had a scary low last night

Low is good but too low is not! I woke up in a SWEAT last night around 2 AM and did not feel right at all. I got up, tested, drank some juice to get my levels up again and ate some cereal. I hate it when that happens.

another adjustment

I think I need another adjustment with my insulin. My numbers are getting higher than I would like and I am sure the baby is causing my body to need more!

a lot easier to do right now

This goal is actually a lot easier to do while I am pregnant because it is regulated by insulin. When I am not pregnant, I just do diet and exercise.

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