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lose weight

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not done so well

I have not been 43things motivated in a long time now but that is changing. As far as my weight well, I have gained more since my last post. A year or more ago. So, I will just have to work harder and I will get this done. This will be one thing that I know I will accomplish.


So with the quitting smoking thing going on I am just gonna have to delay the lose weight thougt. Right now I want to give in to the 2nd helping or extra soda or cupcake. I am still doing the things I have been, like not eating past 7 and watching the amounts that I intake. But I need a lil reward for stopping smoking. Right?


So I have been doing good this week. Staying very active and I have been watching what I eat. I have replaced some of the junk with more fruits and veggies. And Have really reduced my soda intake. Drinking a lot more water and have only ate late at night once. But its hard to eat lunch at my ft job at 11 and not be hungry when i get home from my 2nd job at 10 in the evening. I just need to be more careful of what I eat that late. I will honestly admit that I do need to exercise more. I am doing better but I can do even more than I have. SO that the goal for this week. To exercise more.

A fresh start on this.........

So I have been doing really crappy with this. I’m talking bad! Yesterday I decided to start again. I watched what I ate and last night I got on the treadmill for 15 mins (yesterday was one of my 14 hour days in my defense for not walking longer) 12 sit-ups, and 10 good minutes of stretching. I weighed myself last night for the first time in a long time and was very disappointed in myself. I am at the most weight I have ever been. A good 10 lbs. more than I was just a year ago. My want to lose 40 lbs maybe 50 lbs. But my ideal goal for the moment is to lose 20 lbs. for startes. Then take off the other 30 lbs. I really want to do this and very badly want to feel and look better for myself. I just looked at myself last night while I was on the phone with a friend and I made myself almost cry because I felt so just ugly. So I am doing this better than ever. I started a food/exercise log. I will do this and I will not slack off this time!

24 days

I head to the beach in 24 days. How much weight can you lose in 24 days? I am so excited about vacation but unexcited about having to wear a swimsuit!! So as of today no sodas at all no bread/pastas no eating after 6 pm, only water after that. Maybe I could lose 10 lbs before I go. Stay on the treadmill even longer. I am not going to list my weight on here but hopefully I will get down a lot between down and then and then next summer when I go to the beach I will look even better. Hell yeah its on!

more serious

I really need to get more serious about this than I have been.

And to Smurfies thats just damn rude.


So I am very slow going but any kind of start is good right. I yet to get in the routine of getting up early enough to get on the treadmill before work. I need to work on that. I have not weighed myself at all. I look at the scale as an enemy in a way so I do not pay it that much attention. Doing my doctors suggestion of eating a better lunch to keep me full longer and keep me from eating a big dinner at wierd times. I have not been eating late at all. I know I need to try even harder though. ANd I will.


So I am doing okay this week. Last night I did not snack late and I did drink a diet soda. Plus, I played soccer for 30 or more minutes. Which is a start. I have yet to put in the tapes and exercise. But I will tonight no matter what. I pirchased a salsa dance/exercise video. I love to dance so maybe this will seem effortless. I have done well today. Only had one soda and so far nothing considered junk. I just need to force myself to wake up earlier and get on the treadmill before work. That will help a whole lot. I am tonight!

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