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find 43 bugs in 43 things

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What Google Maps data does 43places use ?!

Next week I’ll be going to see the implosion of the Key Bank tower in Salt Lake City, UT. As a good netizen, I went to the 43places map of Salt Lake City and tried to add the new neighborhood that demolishing the tower will create.

At that point, I noticed a few glaring discrepancies between the Google map that 43places displays, and the real Google Maps of the same location

Double-checking with Yahoo maps revealed that 43places uses some different (most likely obsolete) version of the Google maps. The copyright notice that 43places displays is from Tele Atlas, while the Google map shows Navteq data.

Lost count...

I found all sorts of bugs in 43things. The most famous is the rigging of main page and of the goal boxes at the bottom of every page.

Why you never see yourself on the 43things main page

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