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balancing things

Most of my friends and family think 43T is great but haven’t found a need or desire to use the site. I like the fact that it’s an elective endeavor. I choose to type about the things going on in my life. For me it’s helpful.

Three main insights about 43T as an aid, not a distraction:

1) revise my list often
2) let important goals sit for a long time
3) balance the types of things on my list

revise my list often
I look at my list every 2 or 3 days and see if there’s a goal that needs removing. I’m often removing goals. Sometimes I get caught up in adopting goals when people send them my way or I have a surge of energy. 43 is too many things for me so I tend to hover around the low 20s.

let important goals sit for a long time
There are goals on my list which I adopted not even knowing why I was doing it and how I would ever get from the “I want to do this” button all the way to the “I’ve done this” button. I have to be careful not to delete these when I’m revising my list every few days. Others have said this better than I, but one of the best parts of 43T is that it allows me to think big. For example, this has stuck around for a long time and has spawned this. But that’s been on my list for a while now. I know it’ll eventually turn into something fun and helpful. So I’m letting it sit for a while.

balance my things
If your list is too serious or all jokey it gets old. I like it when my list reflects my real life. That’s why I’ve got music, visiting relatives, excercise, charity and fun goals all on my list.

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